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Rock Nutrients

Rock Nutrients - Rock Resinator

Rock Nutrients - Rock Resinator

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Rock Resinator Heavy Yields
Bulk out your yield with Rock Resinator Heavy Yields.

It's a powerful biostimulant that's packed with Phosphorus & Potassium.

Just 1 - 2ml per L ramps up essential oil production and speeds up your plants' metabolism during flowering.

Powerful flower enhancer
NPK: 0-7-8
Suitable for soil, coco & hydro
Flower Enhancer
Expect size, taste, smell, colour & essential oil production to improve.

Soluble Potash, Phosphorus, Potassium, Organic Acids & Aminos
This means they can be translocated quickly to flowering sites.

Suitable In Soil, Coco & Hydro
Since it's a mineral feed, you won't get any blockages in any systems

Natural Materials
Instead, it only contains naturally brewed, decomposed plant materials that can't be synthetically manufactured.

Dilution Rate
Veg & Flowering
How To Use
Apply 1 - 2ml/L from week 2 of flowering until harvest.
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