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LUMii - 400w SunBlaster HPS Grow Lamp

LUMii - 400w SunBlaster HPS Grow Lamp

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The 400w LUMii SunBlaster Auto HPS grow lamp could possibly be the perfect dual spectrum grow lamp. With increased output and an emphasis on the blue spectrum, they’ll encourage equal amounts of growth during the vegetative stage and bloom, meaning no need to change lamps for optimum flower production.

The crystal glass used on the 400w LUMii SunBlaster has a constant thickness that allows the light to emit evenly. LUMii also avoided using a barium film which can darken or blacken the glass, giving reduced output, so with less gas impurities, the emitted light is a lot cleaner and more stable.

Combined with an E40 mechanical double layer fitting, the SunBlaster has a lifespan of 32,000 hours and the output is as follows:

  • 140 lumens per watt / 56000 lumens in total
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