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Essentials PLUS FLUSH is designed to clear unused nutrients from your plants, in the final week of flowering or 7-10 days of plant growth. Made from 100% natural minerals and plant extracts, Flush is very effective when the taste and texture of your crop is important. Can also be used to correct the results of accidental over-fertilisation, suitable for all systems and substrates.  

Key selling points:  

  • Clears nutrients from plants at the end of flowering 
  • Corrects over-fertilisation 
  • Use in any system or substrate 

Technical Specifications:   

  • Minimum Guaranteed Analysis: Phosphorus pentoxide P₂O₅ (water soluble) 0.7 % 
  • Usage rate:  
  • During last week of flowering - 5ml/L for all applications (use no other nutrients or additives) adjust pH to 5.5 
  • To reduce and flush old nutrients from growing medium - 5 ml/L water for 1 -2 days 
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