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Dr Hydro

Dr Hydro - De-Chlorinator (500ml)

Dr Hydro - De-Chlorinator (500ml)

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Dr Hydro De-chlorinator makes tap water safe to apply to any grow media. Without dechlorination, the chlorine in tap water is harmful to delicate plant roots, and the beneficial microbes that surround them. 
Once Dr Hydro Dechlorinator is used the active ingredient is converted into plant-available form of calcium.


Just 0.5mL / 10 litre of tap water!
Can be applied either before or after adding fertiliser to the water.

Safety Data:

Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30°C).

500ml Bottle.

Black Flag Horticulture Ltd - Coventry - Proud Stockists of Dr Hydro

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