Plant!t - Perlite - Sterile Growing Medium Derived from Volcanic Rock

Plant!t - Perlite - Sterile Growing Medium Derived from Volcanic Rock

PLANT!T Perlite

Perlite has been used by gardeners all over the world for many years as a way to improve the aeration and drainage of your chosen media. PLANT!T Perlite is a natural, pH neutral, sterile growing medium derived from volcanic rock, which is safe to handle, odourless, lightweight and easy-to-use.

Advantages Of PLANT!T Perlite:

  • Better, faster plant growth through increased nutrient uptake
  • Enhanced aeration and drainage
  • Completely sterile and free of disease
  • Neutral pH of around 7
  • Easy & safe to handle, odourless, and lightweight
  • Aids in breaking up heavy soils
  • Derived from a natural source

Uses Of PLANT!T Perlite:

For Propagation From Cuttings

Mix equal parts PLANT!T Perlite and seed & cutting compost (50/50). Or when used in a hydroponic cloner you can use 100%  PLANT!T Perlite. Place your mixture in either pot or seed tray (solid bottom), insert cutting and firm in. Keep well-watered. As soon as roots develop, feed with ROOT!T First Feed.

For Propagation From Seed

To make a lightweight propagation mixture, mix 1 part PLANT!T Vermiculite to 9 parts PLANT!T Perlite. Place your mixture in pot or seed tray and sow seeds, making sure all seeds are covered. Place in a ROOT!T Propagator or on a windowsill. Feed with ROOT!T FIRST Feed when seeds have germinated.

Potting Compost For Container Planting

Use PLANT!T Perlite in place of sand or grit in potting. Add a few handfuls into your standard potting compost to lighten and fluff up the texture. An effective mix is 2 parts potting compost, 2 part PLANT!T Perlite and 1 part PLANT!T Vermiculite.

Hydroponic Cultivation

For capillary irrigation use at least 30mm depth of PLANT!T Perlite in the base of your chosen tray. This can take the place of sand or gravel. For drip feeding fill your pots using 100% PLANT!T Perlite (wash Perlite first and use pots with small base holes or a piece of horticultural fabric in the base to avoid particles escaping and blocking up drip lines), run irrigation for 3 hours before planting. If using beneficial microbes, run your system for 24 hours before planting allowing microbes to colonise your PLANT!T Perlite minimising plant stress when plants are added.

Note: If using PLANT!T Perlite in bed systems with warming cables within the media, use a 50/50 mix of Perlite and sand to prevent overheating.

Availible in 10L & 100L Sack

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