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Pure Harvest

Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 - 104 Plug SINGLE TRAY

Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 - 104 Plug SINGLE TRAY

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Elevate your plant propagation game with Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs – your ultimate solution for stress-free and efficient propagation! Effortless Propagation: Experience a breeze in plant propagation! With Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs, simply insert them and witness your seedlings, cuttings, and tissue cultures flourish effortlessly. No mess, no fuss – just seamless planting perfection. Optimal Environment for Root Development: Crafted from a premium blend of coco coir and peat, Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs create the perfect environment for healthy root development. 🌱 Featuring a balanced pH of 5.7 and an EC of 0.8, your plants will thrive luxuriously. Goodbye Transplant Shock: Bid farewell to transplant shock! Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs minimize transplant shock, ensuring faster and healthier rooting. Your plants will feel like they're on cloud nine from the moment they touch the soil. ☁️ Ideal for Greenhouse Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned greenhouse guru or a propagation newbie, Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs are your go-to solution. Perfect for automated greenhouses, they offer precise control over your crop, guaranteeing steady propagation and maximum yield. But wait, there's more! 🌿 Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8: The ultimate plug for propagating seeds, cuttings, and tissue cultures. Easy to use, environmentally friendly, and promotes fast and robust rooting. 🌿 Pure Harvest Trays: Each tray contains 104 plugs and fits perfectly in a large propagator, providing essential nutrients for the first 2 weeks of propagation. With a stable pH of 5.7 (±0.2) and an EC of 0.8 (±0.2), your plants are set for success. 🌿 Pure Harvest Cocopeat: Versatile, sustainable, and ready-to-use, offering a fantastic alternative to rockwool-based products. Plus, it's almost entirely organic and 100% compostable. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Pure Harvest CocoPeat 8 Plugs and watch your plants thrive like never before! 🌱✨

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