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Plant Magic

Plant Magic - Magne-Cal+ (Magnesium & Calcium)

Plant Magic - Magne-Cal+ (Magnesium & Calcium)

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Plant Magic Magne-Cal

Your plants receive an additional supply of the secondary nutrients, magnesium, and calcium, from Plant Magic Magne-Cal+. It is perfect for crops that frequently lack these nutrients and will also work to stop it from happening. Additionally, it will aid in enhancing the effectiveness of PK boosters and nutritional absorption in general.

Plant Magic Magne-Cal+ can be used with any form of hydroponic system or growing media. The Plant Magic feed chart advises using it as part of your regular feeding schedule for the duration of the flowering stage at a rate of 0.5-1ml per litre of water. By doing this, inadequacies will be avoided, and your PK additives' performance will be maximized. Magne-Cal+ can also be applied to plants that are already experiencing CaMg problems, which will help speed up the resolution of the issue. 

Magne-Cal+ functions well when used in conjunction with any other Plant Magic products, but it is especially beneficial when used with PK products like Platinum PK 9/18 and PK 13/14.

Plant Magic Magne-Cal+ is available in 500ml, 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

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