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Jiffy PRO7 ALL+ mix - 50L bag

Jiffy PRO7 ALL+ mix - 50L bag

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Jiffy PRO7 ALL+ Mix THE Premium pre-charged rich, living, pre-fertilised substrate. PRO7 ALL+ Mix comes ready for planting into and offers the optimum environment for your crops. With added fertiliser, enough to sustain lush and forceful growth for up to 4 weeks, and a living microbial charge that will benefit your crop throughout the entire season.  

PRO7 ALL+ Mix is a blend of Baltic dark and white peat with perlite to give a lightness and oxygen level second to none and an ideal air to water ratio. A perfect habitat for the flourishing active microbial system, which will enhance the Nitrogen cycle in this growing medium. The abundance of microbes and beneficial bacteria in PRO7 ALL+ Mix ensures vigorous plant growth, increased nutrient uptake, enhanced water retention and reduced plant stress.  

Key selling points:  
  • Very easy to use, ideal for potting 
  • Excellent aeration, less prone to compaction 
  • Contains live beneficial microbes 
  • Bigger, healthier, more vigorous plants 
  • Reduced transplant shock 
  • Increased yields 
  • Produced in the EU 
Technical Specifications:   
  • Composition: Baltic dark and white peat, perlite, a base fertiliser, trace elements and lime 
  • EC: 1.8 mS/cm (1:1.5) 
  • PH 6.0 ± 0.5 
  • Dry Matter: 31% 
  • Organic matter: 71% 
  • NPK 6:14:27   2kg/ m³ 
  • NPK 31:0:0  1kg/ m³ slow release 
  • 50L per bag 
  • Bag weight: 14kg approx 
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