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Intense Nutrients

Intense Nutrients: Dirt - Ultra Bundle

Intense Nutrients: Dirt - Ultra Bundle

Cena regularna £250.00 GBP
Cena regularna £264.74 GBP Cena promocyjna £250.00 GBP
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Unleash the full potential of your garden with the Intense Nutrients Dirt ULTRA Schedule Bundle Deal, exclusively at Black Flag Horticulture, Coventry's premier horticulture outlet. This comprehensive range of Intense Nutrients plant feeds is expertly crafted to ensure your plants thrive, from vigorous growth to bountiful harvests.

This powerful bundle includes:
250ml Intense Nutrients: Silicon - Ultra
1 Litre Intense Nutrients: Dirt - Grow: Kickstarts robust vegetative growth.
1 Litre Intense Nutrients: Dirt - Bloom: Fuels explosive flowering and fruiting.
250ml Intense Nutrients: Roots - Ultra: Establishes a strong foundation for healthy plant development.
1 Litre Intense Mag/Cal: Supplies essential magnesium and calcium for optimal plant health.
1 Litre Intense Runzyme: Enhances nutrient absorption and efficiency.
1 Litre Intense Wideload: Promotes larger, more productive flowers and fruits.
250ml Intense Nutrients: PK Ultra: Boosts flowering and strengthens plant structure.
1 Litre Intense Climax: Maximizes the final stages of flowering for superior yield and quality.
All this for just £250, down from £264.74! This unbeatable offer is only available at Black Flag Horticulture.

Take advantage of the Intense Nutrients Dirt: Ultra Schedule Bundle to transform your growing experience. Visit Black Flag Horticulture today and secure your bundle. Give your plants the nutrition they need to flourish like never before!

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