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House & Garden

House & Garden - Multi Zyme (Enzymes)

House & Garden - Multi Zyme (Enzymes)

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Let your garden work smarter, not harder. Multi Zyme is a specialised natural growth additive that uses a mix of enzymes to help plants break large nutrients into more useful “micronutrients”. 

Boosts plant growth

As its name suggests, Multi Zyme uses a variety of different enzymes! All of these are chosen to provide the best combination possible to accelerate the growth process and produce larger, more robust plants. 

Multi Zyme is rich in protein and humic acid, which are necessary for durable root growth. With the ability to reach further for nutrients and better withstand harsh conditions, growers can expect greater yields season after season. 

Aids nutrient absorption

The enzymes present in Multi Zyme break down existing nutrients in the soil. These become “micronutrients”, which are smaller and easier for plants to digest. 

Plants are then able to absorb the nutrients and natural sugars around them and get more use out of them. This may result in a more pleasant aroma and taste of fruits and flowers. 

Strengthens and protects

Multi Zyme is a growth additive, meaning that it promotes rapid blooming and produces larger quantities of fruits and flowers. 

While it contains a mix of added vitamins, it works to strengthen the plant from the inside out. Multi Zyme’s root-growing properties set up for thicker, more resilient, and disease-tolerant plants well after use.

Rids roots of dead matter

Multi Zyme also does the hard work of “cleaning up” after plants. These same enzymes break down dead matter around the roots of plants, which may be slowing their growth. 

How to use House & Garden Multi Zyme?

Multi Zyme is a highly concentrated substance and only 1ml is needed per litre of water (1:1000 ratio). 

Hydroponics: First, mix your base nutrients and set EC to the appropriate value. Add Multi Zyme to a 1:1000 ratio, plus any desired additives or boosters, and adjust the pH of the hydroponic solution to the required level. Use throughout the first five weeks of the growth cycle.

Hand watering: Use at any point during the vegetative stage; however, every second or third watering should be enough. Mix the solution in a 1:1000 ratio as specified. 

Where to use House & Garden Multi Zyme?

Multi Zyme is a versatile soluble additive and can be used in any growing method and with any substrate. See fast results in hydroponic systems, as well as in coco, peat, and soil planters. 

It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor plants. When not in use, store in a cool and dry place. 

Why choose House & Garden Multi Zyme?

  • Enzyme-rich growth additive;

  • Converts base nutrients into micronutrients;

  • Speeds and simplifies the growth process;

  • Boosts root length and strength;

  • Rids root of dead matter;

  • Protects against disease;

  • Suitable for use in hydroponic, soil, peat and coco;

  • Vegan and non-toxic formula. 


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