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Essentials PLUS GREEN UP is a calcium-rich foliar feed containing nitrogen and fulvic acids. Calcium has poor mobility within plants; GREEN UP supplies calcium where it is needed and fulvic acid allows for its easy absorption. Calcium aids vigorous growth, allowing plants to build strong cell walls which keep the plants healthy which in turn assists their resistance to pests, disease and drought. GREEN UP also contains nitrogen which assists the production of chlorophyll, vitally important for photosynthesis. GREEN UP is suitable for use alongside regular nutrients in any system or growing media.  

Key selling points:  

  • Calcium rich supplement designed for foliar application 
  • Boosts plant health and strength and supports vigorous growth 
  • Contains nitrogen and fulvic acids 
  • Suitable for use in all systems and media  
  • Can be used alongside all main nutrients 

Technical Specifications:   

  • Minimum Guaranteed Analysis: 
  • Calcium oxide (CaO) 1.4 % 
  • Nitrate nitrogen (NO3) 0.8 % 
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4) 0.06 % 
  • PH: 6.5 - 7.1 
  • Usage rate: 50ml/L foliar spray once a week, alongside main nutrients 

Q: How do I decide whether to use, and when to use Essentials PLUS GREEN UP? 
A: GREEN UP is a supplement providing Calcium and Nitrogen to support vigorous and healthy growth. If you want to ensure that your plants have these essential minerals during the growth stage, or if you believe that your plants are deficient in them, you should spray with GREEN UP once a week alongside your regular nutrients. Spray in low light or just before the grow lights go out. 

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