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Dr Hydro

Dr Hydro - Spidermite Protection Spray (500ml)

Dr Hydro - Spidermite Protection Spray (500ml)

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Dr Hydro Spider Mite Protection Spray is a natural way to fight Red Spider Mites/Two-Spotted Mites. This bottle contains a concentrate of plant extracts and saponins that when diluted protect 
your plants from attack by mites. This foliar biostimulant also helps your plants recover from pest attacks quicker. Using Dr Hydro keeps your plants healthy, green and pest free, allowing 
improved flowering and fruiting.


  • Apply as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water.
  • Apply until droplets begin to run off the leaf tips. Ensure a good covering of both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.

For best results remove webs before spraying. Monitor plants for signs of spider mites every three days with a hand lens. Repeat applications when crawling mites appear again.

Safety Data:

  • The active ingredients used are outside of the scope of the EU Regulations on Plant Protection Products (regulation (EU) No 1107/2009) due to a physical mode of action.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30°C).
  • Keep out of sight and reach of children. For further details on the safe use and handling see the safety data sheet.

500ml Bottle.

Black Flag Horticulture Ltd - Coventry - Proud Stockists of Dr Hydro

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