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Dr Hydro

Dr Hydro - Clear Mist - 100ml (Concentrate)

Dr Hydro - Clear Mist - 100ml (Concentrate)

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A few drops of Dr Hydro clear mist into your humidifier prevents the build-up of algae and toxic microbes. Even if you don't suffer from algae growth, they're still a perfect environment for the growth of Legionnella bacteria. By using Dr Hydro Clear Mist, it's residual action means your humidifier is kept clean and sterile and remains active even after the water has evaporated!

Dosage for Clear Mist: For 5L add 15ml to the tank and shake. Larger humidifiers add 3ml/l. 

Dr Hydro Clear Mist can also be added to humidifiers that already have build-up algae or microbial growth. Clear Mist will remove the algae in 3 to 5 days. After this time shake the tank, and rinse with clean water. Refill with fresh water and a second dose of Clear Mist to provide long-lasting protection. 

DO NOT ADD MORE CLEAR MIST NEXT TIME YOU REFILL THE TANK WITH WATER. Simply just refill with fresh water. Only add more product after you have cleaned out the tank. 

This is NOT for use in nutrient tanks or hydroponic fertigation systems. Never mix with anything other than water. Keep out of reach of children. 

The specialized formula not only prevents the formation of algae but also inhibits the growth of toxic microbes, ensuring a clean and sterile environment within your humidifier.

Unlike ordinary treatments, Dr. Hydro Clear Mist's residual action continues to safeguard your humidifier long after the water has evaporated. Keep your indoor air quality pristine and your environment healthy with Dr. Hydro Clear Mist.

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