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DiffuseAir - 150

DiffuseAir - 150

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DiffuseAir efficiently mixes the air in your grow room, offering total control over your climate. Designed and made by Systemair.
DiffuseAir effectively eliminates micro climates, high humidity zones and hot spots, as well as harsh air streams which can cause wind burn to your plants and salt accumulation in growing media.

The unit hangs from the ceiling, giving you more floor space for growing.

  • Aerodynamically efficient
  • Proven technology
  • Ceiling hung for more grow space
  • 12-month warranty
  • Screws and brackets included

Air Distribution
The DiffuseAir system will pull air in from the top of your room and push it out above the canopy, moving the air between the grow lights and the plants. This approach is ideal for reducing temperature microclimates in both ventilated and closed-loop grow rooms. If you have a square grow room, one centrally mounted DiffuseAir system can replace all other air movement fans.

Inlet Distribution
The DiffuseAir system can be used as the distribution point for your fresh input air supply, mixing all the air in your grow room. Simply attach ducting to the fan and pull the air from your desired location, such as fresh air from outside. This allows the DiffuseAir to act as your climate cooling intake fan, distributing CO2 rich air right where your plants need it.

Multiple Systems
Too often, growers run into problems with air movement across larger rooms. Oscillating fans are often pointed at plants causing unnecessary movement of air across the leaves; this forces higher rates of transpiration which can lead to problems such as wind burn and salt accumulation in the growing media. Positioning the DiffuseAir in multiple places above the plant canopy will evenly distribute air, reducing hot spots and humidity pockets.

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