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AquaLabs- Silver Bullet Mist - Grow Room Disinfectant

AquaLabs- Silver Bullet Mist - Grow Room Disinfectant

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Silver Bullet - Effective Biofilm Remover - Mist Spray

Don’t let anything take a bite out of you or your grow! Make sure you’re on top of disease and ensure you have a sterile grow room with Silver Bullet Mist Spray.

Kill 99% of Diseases

Make your grow room a safe space for your plants and protect them from disease with Silver Bullet’s fantastic disinfectant. You can keep on top of bacteria and biofilms, including the notorious botrytis, powdery mildew, fusarium and pythium.

Chlorine Free

Non-toxic, non-corrosive and chlorine free, Silver Bullet really is a game-changer for grow rooms the world over.

Sterilise your space with confidence, knowing that it is harmless for your plants and gets straight to work on anything that might be lurking in the forgotten corners of your grow space.

Easy to Use and Multi-Purpose

Silver Bullet comes as a mixed and diluted solution, meaning it’s ready to go straight from the bottle. No awkward measuring and second guessing, just point and spray. It’s literally that easy.

Alongside it’s easy use you can use Silver Bullet to disinfect and sterilise anything in your grow room.

Designed As A Chlorine Alternative

The Silver Bullet solution was originally designed as a chlorine alternative. It’s makeup is so secret that only two people know it. It’s a wonderful chlorine alternative and really works wonders making sure your grow space is disease free.

Why Use Silver Bullet Mist?

  • 99.99% of mould, bacteria, viruses and algae taken care of;
  • Destroys biofilm build up, the home and breeding ground of dangerous pathogens;
  • It’s non-toxic and non-corrosive;
  • The spray gun is easy to use and gives great coverage;
  • Can be used throughout the various stages of your grow;
  • Great for grow room clean downs;
  • EPA and FDA seal of approval.
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