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PLANT!T - Flexible Tank

PLANT!T - Flexible Tank

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FlexiTank Water Butts are an outstanding range of products with high capacity water storage capabilities and a compact, space-saving design. There's no need to haul heavy cumbersome tanks around your greenhouse or grow room, since these durable reservoirs fold down to just a fraction of their constructed size! They also come supplied in a flat pack form, which really does help if you're an indoor gardener using a spare room upstairs or even an empty loft! Available in 5 sizes and ideal as top-up reservoirs for NFT, Flood & Drain and DIY irrigation systems.

FlexiTank - 100 Litres: 43cm diameter x 75cm height (fully assembled), 73.5cm x 18cm x 12.5cm and 1.8kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 225 Litres: 63.5cm diameter x 81cm height (fully assembled), 78.5cm x 18cm x 12.5cm and 2.7kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 400 Litres: 68cm diameter x 111cm height (fully assembled), 112cm x 18.5cm x 12.5cm and 4.8kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 750 Litres: 90cm diameter x 117cm height (fully assembled), 119cm x 18cm x 14cm and 6.25kg (in box)

FlexiTank - 1000 Litres: 120cm diameter x 90cm height (fully assembled), 89cm x 20cm x 16cm and 7.30kg (in box)

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