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Ona - Gels (400g) (Odour Control)

Ona - Gels (400g) (Odour Control)

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ONA Gel: Popular, Practical and Powerful. Eliminate Odours!

ONA gel is a complex mix of essential oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically derived from plants throughout the world. When ONA gel is exposed to the atmosphere, the ONA particles are released into the air and quickly eliminate odours they come into contact with. ONA Gel odour neutralising molecules are released in a controlled manner so that every drop of this excellent product is fully optimised.

ONA Gel Provides True Neutralisation

Once ONA Gel is exposed to atmosphere, the ONA particles disperse through a process of natural evaporation. Any odourous molecules ONA comes into contact with will be neutralised. Unlike air fresheners, this is not a masking agent. ONA is an odour neutraliser that will permanently eliminate odours. For more information about how ONA works, please visit our Science of ONA page.

Non Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

ONA Gel is industrial strength, yet safe for home or business use and can be used around people and pets.
ONA is non toxic, environmentally friendly and organic.


Available in Pro, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, Tropics, Fruit Fusion and Lemongrass fragrances.


Available in 428g Jars, 732g Jars, 3.27Kg Jars, 3.8Kg Pails and 20Kg Pails.

Instructions for Use

Open the lid and leave the ONA gel to naturally evaporate for as long as the odour is present. Occasionally shake the jar to agitate and mix up the contents. Alternatively, a reduced amount of ONA Gel can be placed into a smaller vessel and left until it has evaporated before topping up, thereby regulating the lifetime of the ONA Gel.

If a larger area requires treatment, or if there is an increased amount of odour, the ONA Breeze fan can be attached to the top of a 732g Jar, 3.27Kg jar or a 3.8Kg Pail to increase the dispersion rate, although this will result in an increased rate of consumption also.

In extremely large areas we have the solution of using the 20Kg ONA Gel with the ONA Cyclone fan, which has 5 speed settings and provides odour control for up to 5,000 square feet.

How to Use ONA Gel Efficiently

ONA Gel is our most popular product and is practical for almost any odour problem, however to get the most out of your Gel you should read these tips on how to use Gel most effectively.

The simplest way to use ONA gel is to just remove the lid and leave it to disperse through the air. If a large area needs to be treated then you will need a way to disperse the Gel further throughout the affected area. There are a few ways that this can be achieved:

The first is to use one of our excellent fan-type dispensers that will greatly increase the distribution of the ONA.
The Breeze fan is designed to fit on the 732 g jar, 3.27 Kg jar and 3.8 Kg pails.
The Cyclone fan is designed to fit on the 20 Kg pail.

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