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O.C.D - DEO Max Aerosol - 750ml

O.C.D - DEO Max Aerosol - 750ml

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The latest edition to OCD's superb range, we present the tall, powerful and the mighty OCD aerosols. On the inside is 750ml of highly pressurised odour neutralising fragranced DEO MAX, ready to blast away unwanted odours and leave the sweet, pleasant smell of Lemon, Orange, Fresh Linen and Bubblegum. But look at that matte packaging, inside and out we do things properly at OCD, so you can trust us to make sure your places smell great all the time, every time!

The OCD Aerosols are a brand new addition to our range of products, featuring the same highly pressurised fragranced DEO MAX they're ready to blast away unwanted odours.

With 750ml of aerosol, you can use it all over the house, or in just one place such as the toilet or kitchen. Either way its guaranteed to leave your desired area smelling great! With great scents like lemon, orange, fresh linen & bubblegum.

Only available in a 750ml aerosol can.

Black Flag Horticulture Ltd - Coventry - Proud Stockists of O.C.D Odour Control

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