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Magical - Botanical Extractor & Accessories - Master Bundle

Magical - Botanical Extractor & Accessories - Master Bundle

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Magical - Botanical Extractor & Accessories - Master Bundle

Welcome to Black Flag Horticulture, Coventry's premier plant growth and health shop. We are excited to introduce our Magical - Botanical Extractor - Master Bundle, a comprehensive collection of advanced tools designed to elevate your botanical extraction processes. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this bundle includes everything you need to create infused butter, oils, tinctures, lotions, and more, ensuring you "Grow Your Own Way" with precision and quality.

Why Choose the Magical - Botanical Extractor -

Master Bundle?

  • Advanced Extraction Tools: Includes the state-of-the-art MagicalButter MB2e, a fully automatic botanical extractor with precise temperature controls and a stainless steel pitcher for optimal extraction.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Our bundle features essential accessories like the Magical Filter Press for mess-free straining, the Magical - DecarBox & Thermometer for precise decarboxylation, and versatile gummy trays for creating infused edibles.
  • Professional Grade: Each component is designed to maximize efficiency and ease in creating high-quality botanical infusions, ensuring consistent results every time.

Bundle Contents

  • MagicalButter MB2e - Botanical Extractor Machine: Fully automatic with microprocessor-controlled program sequences and integrated digital thermostat for precise temperature control.
  • Magical Filter Press: Effectively removes plant matter from infused butter, oil, or tincture with a reusable, heat-resistant stainless steel mesh.
  • Magical - DecarBox & Thermometer: Food-grade silicone shell with integrated digital thermometer for precise decarboxylation of herbs.
  • Magical - 4 Pack - Magical Glove + 3 Purify Filters: Accessories for filtering and handling during the extraction process.
  • Magical - Measuring Jugs - 3 Pack: Convenient jugs for precise ingredient measurement and pouring.
  • Magical - Spatulas - 3 Pack: Versatile spatulas for mixing and handling extracts.
  • Magical - 21UP Gummy Tray 2ml - 2 Pack: Silicone trays for creating small-dose gummies, candies, and chocolates.
  • Magical - 21UP Gummy Tray 8ml - 2 Pack: Larger silicone trays for creating larger dose gummies and chocolates.
  • Magical - Gummy Tray 10ml - 2 Pack: Silicone trays for creating various infused treats.

Benefits of Using Botanical Extractors

Botanical extractors like the MagicalButter MB2e offer several benefits for creating infused products:

  • Precision Extraction: Microprocessor-controlled programs ensure precise heating and stirring for consistent results.
  • Versatility: Capable of infusing butter, oils, tinctures, lotions, and more with herbs for various applications.
  • Ease of Use: Automated processes minimize labor, making it easy for anyone to create professional-quality infusions.
  • Self-Cleaning: The MB2e features a self-cleaning function, simplifying maintenance and ensuring hygiene.

Start your journey into advanced botanical extraction with Black Flag Horticulture’s Magical - Botanical Extractor - Master Bundle. This comprehensive package provides enthusiasts and professionals with the tools needed to create superior botanical infusions with ease. Order now and discover the capabilities of advanced botanical extraction in your own kitchen!

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