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Lumii - Daylight Vision - Grow Room Lenses

Lumii - Daylight Vision - Grow Room Lenses

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Introducing Lumii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses - the ultimate solution for enhancing your grow room experience. These specially developed blue lenses are designed to correct the orange hue emitted by sodium lights, providing you with a more natural light environment for optimal visibility and productivity.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching off your grow lights just to identify pest and plant disease issues. With Lumii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses, you can easily check key growth indicators without interrupting your lighting systems.

The innovative design of these lenses acts as a barrier to the red/orange spectrum of light, reducing glare and allowing you to see foliage, fruits, and flowers in their true colors, as if under natural light. This not only improves the speed and accuracy of grow room tasks but also safeguards your eyes from the intense HID lamp glare, UV rays, and infrared radiation.

Lumii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses offer versatility beyond just enhancing visibility. They also provide essential eye protection when working with hazardous chemicals associated with hydroponics, ensuring safety and peace of mind for growers.

Whether you're tending to your plants or handling chemicals, Lumii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses are a must-have accessory for every grower. Experience daylight vision clarity and protect your eyes while achieving the best results from your plants. Say hello to clearer vision and goodbye to blurry eyes with Lumii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses.

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