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LuMii Black - Electronic Kit

LuMii Black - Electronic Kit

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The LUMii Black 600W Digital Kit is an optimized version of the range launched in 2017. The digital kit can be dimmed to a low 250W or 400W to provide increased support to your crops during the late blooming stage. Output can be increased to a maximum of 660W. 

General Information

The kit includes a LUMii Black Digital Ballast, a LUMii Black 600W HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) bulb, and Light Weight Reflector.


  • Light output can be adjusted between 250W and 660W
  • 1 Year Electrical Warranty
  • Ballast can be used with any reflector fitted with an IEC socket
  • Affordable, yet reliable 

Technical Specifications

The bulb included has an output of 88000 lumens and an expected lifetime of 20000 hours making this a cost effective lighting solution. 

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