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Intense Nutrients

Intense Nutrients - Potting Shed: Crazy Chilli

Intense Nutrients - Potting Shed: Crazy Chilli

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Our Chilli-specific fertiliser is perfect for chilli plants of all varieties. Our unique blend of nutrients and minerals encourages healthy growth, and can help your chillies to develop a rich, intense flavour.

Directions for use:
Use CRAZY CHILLI at a rate of 2-5ml per litre of water.

Whether you’re growing an ornamental or edible variety, chillies are great fun to grow and flourish on a sunny windowsill, or a greenhouse.

Chilli plants are guaranteed to brighten up your conservatory or add that extra heat to your homemade sauces!

Part of the Intense Nutrients: Potting Shed Range

CRAZY CHILLI has been specifically designed to provide your plants with the vital nutrients they will need during all stages of growth.

N: 3.00
K: 5.75

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