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Intense Nutrients

Intense Nutrients - PK Ultra -Pro Series (PK Booster)

Intense Nutrients - PK Ultra -Pro Series (PK Booster)

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Intense Nutrients proudly presents PK Ultra, for the most demanding of growers. Part of the essential ULTRA range of super-premium products, for those seeking to push the boundaries of their plants’ potential. PK Ultra is the absolute pinnacle in concentrated PK technology.

PK Ultra
dramatically increases terpene production and is a potent phosphorus and potassium booster that promotes flowering and fruiting in your plants.

It dramatically increases size & weight in the final stages of flowering. leading to increased yields and improved quality.

Expect bigger, denser buds and more abundant harvests.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 0.25 - 0.5ml/litre

Black Flag Horticulture Ltd - Coventry - Proud Stockists of Intense Nutrients

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