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Intense Nutrients

intense Nutrients - Down 'n' Dirty

intense Nutrients - Down 'n' Dirty

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Down N’ Dirty is a high-performance pipe cleaner which not only prevents the build up of mineral deposits within reservoirs, pipework and pumps but also can bring the pH of your nutrient solution down.

Our unique formula also removes blockages of bacterial slime and algae as well as prevents salt build up and fungi growth in your hydroponic systems.

Use as a preventative measure to ensure optimal functionality throughout the entire cycle.

For the best results, use in line with our grow schedules.

Directions for use: For pH adjustment, add small amount to reservoir and mix thoroughly, repeat until desired pH is achieved.

To prevent build up of mineral deposit, add 1ml per litre initial dose then 0.5ml per litre maintenance dose.

Contains: Methanesulfonic acid and Citric acid.

Black Flag Horticulture Ltd - Coventry - Proud Stockists of Intense Nutrients

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