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Insecto - Smoke Bomb (Pest Control)

Insecto - Smoke Bomb (Pest Control)

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A ready to use permethrin smoke generator that requires no mixing or application equipment.

For use as a space treatment of almost anywhere including storage areas, business premises and domestic properties.

Smoke is non-tainting and leaves no residual colour or odours.

This is an ideal product to treat inaccessible areas such as loft voids, nooks and crannies, inside machinery and open room spaces.

Each smoke bomb contains 13.25% Permethrin, 

  • Ready to use, highly effective permethrin-based insect control smoke generator
  • Kills most insects including fleas, bed bugs, ants, moths and beetles
  • Contains 13.25% Permethrin available in 3 sizes Mini, Midi & Maxi
  • Treats up to 1,000m³ (Maxi), 500m³ (Midi), or 120m³ (Mini)
  • Ideal for cluster flies, house flies, clothes moths, wasps & mosquitos

Application rates:

  • IC102 Mini - Flying Insects max 120m³, Crawling Insects max 30m³, Cockroaches max 7.5m³
  • IC103 Midi - Flying Insects max 500m³, Crawling Insects max 125m³, Cockroaches max 31.5m³
  • IC104 Maxi - Flying Insects max 1000m³, Crawling Insects max 250m³, Cockroaches max 62.5m³

How to use Insecto Smoke Generators

  • Work out how many fumers you will need to suitably cover the area to be treated. Heavy infestations may require more than one application.
  • Seal off the area as affectively as possible by closing doors and windows, block fireplaces and exclude draughts
  • Remove all living organisms such as plants, people, and pets (including fish from the area to be treated)
  • Tear off tag from beneath the cap and remove cap, place each generator on a fireproof base such as tin foil
  • When more than 1 generator is required, space them equally around the area to be treated and prepare all fumers ready to light, prior to lighting the first
  • Ignite generator by using a match. Light each generator in sequence starting with the furthest from the exit
  • Leave area being treated for at least 2-3 hours, longer if possible
  • After treatment is complete, open all windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly
  • In cases of high infestations, it is advisable to use this product in conjunction with a residual insecticide
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