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Guanokalong - Bat Guano Powder

Guanokalong - Bat Guano Powder

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Bat Guano — Potent Organic Soil Amendment

Want a bigger yield, strong roots and an intense flavour? Get stuck into Guanokalong Bat Guano Powder.

It’s 100% organic, made from ethically-sourced bat droppings (bat guano) – one of the best natural sources of phosphorus there is. There’s nothing else like it.

This stuff’s potent! It’s brimming with phosphorus (NPK 1-10-1). It also has a rich mix of microelements, macro elements & enzymes that really speeds up growth.

Expect to get robust roots and bulky fruit & flowers that taste better - you can thank all the phosphorus for that.

You won’t burn roots – it’s near impossible, due to the slow-release nature of bat guano.

To make this bat manure even more effective, it excites the microbes already in your media. These microbes then help plants absorb the nutrients in Guanokalong.

If you’re not using it yet, find out why growers rave about it - buy a batch now.

  • 100% organic potting soil & coco enhancer
  • Packed with phosphorus (NPK 1-10-1)- great for rooting
  • Also provides a source of nitrogen and potassium, along with an array of micronutrients
  • Delivers healthy growth and ramps up fruit and flower formation
  • Intensifies flavours and aromas
  • Fuels rooting, speeds up plant growth and stimulates microbial life in growing media
  • Boosts bacteria resistance
  • Ethically-sourced (no bat habitats are harmed)
  • From the dung of Indonesian & Madagascan bats
  • Works as a natural fungicide
  • Can be used to make bat guano tea to improve plant health
  • Essential for organic gardeners
  • Has a long history of use, stretching back millennia
  • Works a treat when used alongside other organic nutrients
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