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Grow Tools

Grow Tools - Plant Support Yo-Yo's

Grow Tools - Plant Support Yo-Yo's

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The weight of plants can often cause branches to bend and snap. Grow Tools Plant Support Yo-Yos give plants the extra support needed for successful harvests! The Yo-Yos can also be used to help train plants to the desired shape. Pulling branches apart lets more light penetrate the lower levels.

Simply attach the Yo-Yos to the tent-frame or grow-room wall and then pull out the hook and clip it around the plant-stem that requires support. The gentle tension in the yo-yo will then pull the plant-stem out. As the plant grows, the Yo-Yo’s line will retract, offering support throughout its life cycle. It’s a great tool for getting plants to open out for increased yields!



  • Light spring tension in the yo-yo gently pulls the stem toward the reel
  • Can be used to open out the plant so that it can receive more light
  • Helps make the most of grow-space and light
  • Supports heavy blooms with ease
  • Comes as a handy pack of five to support multiple branches
  • Can be reused.
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