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CX Horticulture

CX Horticulture - Wilt Guard - 1 Litre

CX Horticulture - Wilt Guard - 1 Litre

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CX Wilt Guard guarantees superior crop protection and healthy, vigorous plants.
If you have ever had the experience of watching your crop deteriorate at around the 3rd to 4th week of the bloom phase then you can be sure that diseases are attacking the roots of your plants. Wilt Guard stimulates the plants own immune system allowing them to fight off the disease whilst killing the effects of root disease from inside the plant. This stuff really is a life saver! particularly when used with Regen-A-Root.

Manufacturers Info:

Wilt Guard nutrient additive is used during the vegetative and flowering period in all types of hydroponic, soil and coco based systems.

  • Eliminate Pythium and other root diseases inside and out
  • Crop protection through Induced Resistance
  • Reduces wilting caused by diseased roots
  • Effectively rescues crops

Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L throughout vegetative and flowering period. Works in conjunction with Regen-A-Root.

CX Wilt Guard Guaranteed analysis:

Approximate EC/PPM at 1ml/L = 0.3ec/280ppm

Available Phosphate (P2O2) …12%
Soluble Potash (K2O) …14%
– 0.0012% water soluble magnesium (Mg)

DERIVED FROM: Potassium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid and Mono Potassium Phosphate.

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