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Athena Nutrients

Athena Nutrients - Blended Line PK

Athena Nutrients - Blended Line PK

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Athena PK serves as a well-balanced bloom enhancer that perfectly complements our Bloom fertilizers. This meticulously crafted liquid booster is specifically formulated to supplement plant nutrition during the mid- to late-flowering phase. Unlike many other PK boosters on the market, Athena PK is consciously designed to provide the precise amount of additional Phosphorus and Potassium that high-yielding plants need for optimal production.

One common issue with other PK boosters is the excessive amount of these elements they contain, leading to a host of problems such as reduced availability of essential Calcium and Magnesium. At Athena, we understand the importance of maintaining balanced elemental bioavailability during the flowering phase, as it directly impacts the production of crucial essential oils and terpenes.

With Athena PK, you can trust that the elemental bioavailability is carefully calibrated to promote healthy flower development without compromising the availability of other vital nutrients. It is the perfect solution to ensure maximal production and encourage the synthesis of high-quality essential oils and terpenes in your plants.

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