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Atami - Worm Delight (20L)

Atami - Worm Delight (20L)

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One of the most important fertilizers for growing is Atami Worm Delight. It provides a good and rapid growth of the plant and increases the revenue significantly (very important during the flowering period). In addition to potassium, Atami Worm Delight contains valuable fertilisers such as nitrogen and phosphorus that will contribute to exceptional growth (nitrogen) and flower production (phosphorus).

Atami Worm Delight contains an equal ratio of the main fertilisers. One advantage is that the substrate you grow on will not get over-fertilised quickly. Atami Worm Delight also contributes to an optimal soil because it contains living fungi and bacteria. This way it causes airy, guaranteeing the permissibility of sufficient oxygen. Atami Worm Delight is also very economical in use, which in turn is nice for your wallet.

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